KAYAKING TEchniques & Skills

Canoeing and Kayaking is a fun way to discover the natural watercouses in a relaxing way.

It is practiced in a rare and fragile environment. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a simple traveller, your concern for living together with the natural environment will go hand in hand with the pleasure of exploring it with respect. It will require a little preparation before practicing Kayaking, and to do so, you can rely on Jean-Marc's explanations and tips.


He has been practicing Kayaking enthusiastically for over 9 years, and he has been sharing with you his passion and his knowledge for the past three years within KAYAK LAND.

He started practising with the Bourg Saint-Andéol club on the river Ardèche where he would develop his skills for 5 years, and then, he would join the Bollene club on the river Vaucluse for another 4 years.

He has trained on artificial basins in Vallon-Pont-d'Arc, Saint-Pierre-de-Boeuf and Agentière-la-Bessée. He has been a pirogue helmsman during the Summer celebrations on the Rhone river for the town of Bourg Saint-Andéol (Ardèche) and a raft helmsman during raids on the Drôme river. He has also participated to four events at the International Marathon of Ardeche, including one in a Hawaiian canoe and three in kayak competition.

He owns now a dozen Kayaks for his personal practice: Slalom, water kayaking, High River Kayaking, Free Style kayaking and Kayakpolo.

He has  trained on many rivers and he now teaches safety and river crossing at sports raids in the natural reserve of the gorges of Ardeche. His professional background includes the management of many kayak camps for teenagers; he has also accompanied disabled children and at-risk teenagers.